Natura 2000 is the centerpiece of the European Union nature & biodiversity policy. Is the largest network of protected areas in the world. The aim of the network is to assure the long-term survival of Europe's most valuable and threatened species and habitats.


Germany, Bay of Kiel - Informing fish customers in real time about the available catches
    Over four decades at sea, Jan Meyer’s business has suffered more and more from low and fluctuating prices in his catches and little alternatives in terms of marketing of his fish. To enable...
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Halting biodiversity loss in Europe
Environment | Runtime: 09'38"
Halting biodiversity loss in Europe
    Farmers’ key role in protecting Europe’s biodiversity   The European Commission is c...
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Showcasing Hamburg: European Green Capital 2011
Environment | Runtime: 1'18"
Showcasing Hamburg: European Green Capital 2011
    This clip illustrates the qualities that helped the German city of Hamburg become the 2011 European Green Capital, in a competition created by the European Commission in 2008 to...
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Nitrates and green algae - what can be done?
Environment | Runtime: 7'15"
Nitrates and green algae - what can be done?
      From green tides to clean waters: tackling nitrate pollution in the EU New free of charge and free of copyright video illustrates the problem of nitrate ...
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Resource efficiency clip
Environment | Runtime: 3'51"
Resource efficiency clip
    Europe went through a period of intense growth over the 20th century - its population grew four times and its economic output grew 40 times. This process has been highly resource-intensive: the use...
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