Invasive alien species (IAS) cost the EU an estimated EUR 12 billion per year, prompting the European Commission to push for an EU-wide approach to tackle the issue. The phenomenon, which occurs when plants and animals are deliberately or unintentionally introduced by human action to a new environment where they establish, reproduce and proliferate, is causing serious problems for biodiversity. The dedicated legal instrument aims to tackle the problem through a new harmonised system and a shift from “cure” to “prevention”.


Green infrastructure – Building blocks of modern life
    Europe, and indeed the world, is facing a colossal challenge: how can we protect our precious ecosystems and maintain the services which we depend on?...
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Air quality - taking care of the air we breathe
Environment | Runtime: 11'50''
Air quality - taking care of the air we breathe
    Air pollution – including fine particle emissions – represents a major risk to public health. With the European Commission conducting a major policy review in this area in 2013,...
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EU goes green: together towards sustainable development
    A new Video News Release (VNR) which offers unusual footage explores how the EU is helping to promote clean energy projects in Africa and sustainable development...
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Water under threat? Ensuring sufficient, safe water for Europe
    Urban sprawl, population growth, and climate change are all well-known threats to our water. But how many people know about the effect of pharmaceutical products on water quality? How is their...
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Soil sealing - Destroying earth's living skin
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Soil sealing - Destroying earth's living skin
    Soil sealing means covering soil with an impermeable surface such as asphalt or concrete to make way for roads, houses, schools, offices and parking zones - symbols of urban growth. As Europe’s...
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