Invasive alien species (IAS) cost the EU an estimated EUR 12 billion per year, prompting the European Commission to push for an EU-wide approach to tackle the issue. The phenomenon, which occurs when plants and animals are deliberately or unintentionally introduced by human action to a new environment where they establish, reproduce and proliferate, is causing serious problems for biodiversity. The dedicated legal instrument aims to tackle the problem through a new harmonised system and a shift from “cure” to “prevention”.


Bringing Europeans together at high speed
Transport  | Runtime: 12'47"
Bringing Europeans together at high speed
    It is anticipated that by 2030 over 30,000 km of high speed train lines will be laid in Europe in an effort to reduce CO2 emissions by 34 million tonnes. The railway sector is continually developing...
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Marco Polo supports Europe's inland waterways
Transport  | Runtime: 07'51"
Marco Polo supports Europe's inland waterways
    With Europe's roads at saturation point it is more important than ever to find alternative ways of transporting freight around the Union. Inland waterways offer an effective and environmentally sound...
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Setting sail for a Greener Horizon : Marco Polo shifts freight from road to sea
    Traffic congestion is choking Europe´s roads and a great deal of it is caused by goods transported in trucks. Over twenty thousand trucks a day thunder through the Pyrénees mountains...
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Bristol - Finalist for Green Capital Award 2010/2011
    Europe is now an essentially urban society, with four out of five Europeans living in towns and cities. Most of the environmental challenges facing our...
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Safer vehicles, safer drivers, safer roads - EU leads the way - 3 info clips
    The results of a public consultation on road safety will be presented at a conference on December 2, 2009 in Brussels. They will serve as a basis for defining the future road safety action...
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