Invasive alien species (IAS) cost the EU an estimated EUR 12 billion per year, prompting the European Commission to push for an EU-wide approach to tackle the issue. The phenomenon, which occurs when plants and animals are deliberately or unintentionally introduced by human action to a new environment where they establish, reproduce and proliferate, is causing serious problems for biodiversity. The dedicated legal instrument aims to tackle the problem through a new harmonised system and a shift from “cure” to “prevention”.


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Women to the top

Women earn an average of 17% less than men in the European Union, though this figure varies widely between countries and professions, and is usually greater in the private sector. The difference exists even though women often have better educational qualifications than men. Moreover, women remain hugely under represented in all spheres of power and decision making.


The video focusing on the continued underepresentation of women in all sphere of power and decision making in the EU, was filmed in Sweden (example of the Volvo car corporation where, a group of women had the idea of building a concept car for women) and in Spain (case of the major Spanish energy company Iberdrola which has revolutionised its working practices to help women to achieve a better work/family balance).

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