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Human interest stories
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Interview with Omar Ramadan, Head of the Secretariat of the Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN)

In this interview, Omar Ramadan, Head of RAN, explains that the network is composed of over 1 000 practitioners in all 28 EU Member States and provides support for detecting and countering radicalisation. Ramadan says that he doesn’t believe that there is ‘a terrorist DNA’, but that people seem to find themselves by identifying with radical ideologies. As there is a thin line between radicalisation and violent extremism, the best response according to RAN is to plant seeds of doubt in the minds of at risk persons though dialogue with first line practitioners who have the potential to appeal to their hearts and minds. The interview concludes with Ramadan saying that as the world becomes more interconnected, events in places like the Middle East will have an even greater impact on Europe, but RAN will equally continue to work to counter the threat of violent extremism.  
The testimonials presented in this section deal with highly sensitive issues. Taken out of context, the material could be misconstrued and cause offence. To this end, when reusing and editing the footage it is essential to uphold at all times the integrity and dignity of the interviewees, and present their statements in context. Permission to freely edit the material implies an agreement to maintain the overall messages contained in the testimonials.

This film is one of five clips available on this platform as part of a set that deals with the topic of radicalisation in Europe. The complete set includes the following:

  • Usama Hasan’s story

  • Rashad Ali’s story

  • Danish experiences in counter-radicalisation

  • Belgian experiences in counter-radicalisation

The Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN) is an EU-wide umbrella network connecting key organisations and networks of local actors involved in preventing radicalisation to terrorism and violent extremism established by the European Commission in 2011.

More information on RAN and European Commission’s actions to prevent radicalisation can be found in the background documents below.

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