Urban growth, sustainable mobility: How can cities balance intelligent development?
Annual CIVITAS Forum Conference to explore today's hottest urban mobility trends

In just two weeks, all eyes will be on Malmö, as transport and urban mobility experts from across Europe gather to explore the latest developments in transport policy and urban growth strategies.

The 2010 edition of the CIVITAS Forum Conference marks the initiative's eighth such annual event. Each year the Forum grows in size and importance. The three-day programme includes a variety of side events, and organisers expect more than 400 participants. One of the key advantages the CIVITAS Forum offers its attendees is the ability to freely network. Participants include politicians, academics, mobility experts and urban transport practitioners, from both the private and public sectors.

The theme of this year's event is "Sustainable mobility and growth: Achieving both."

The CIVITAS Forum is the cornerstone event for CIVITAS, an initiative of the European Commission's DG Mobility and Transport. CIVITAS, a programme "of cities for cities", stands for CIty-VITAlity-Sustainability, All CIVITAS activities and projects focus on creating and maintaining cleaner and better transport options.

The city of Malmö in Sweden is hosting the 2010 Forum event. Malmö is known for its eco-friendly approaches and world-class urban mobility planning. "You can get across our city on a bicycle in just 15 minutes," said Kerstin Gustafsson, Director of Streets and Parks Department, City of Malmö. In fact, one of the site visits during the Forum will give participants the chance to take a bicycle tour of Malmö to see firsthand how the city's transport approach favours bicycles over automobiles.

The CIVITAS Forum's technical sessions will cover a variety of current transportation and energy topics, ranging from alternative fuels to clean vehicles, and from accessibility issues to creating incentives to attract more citizens to sustainable modes of transport. "We know what's hot in transport issues, especially in terms of how to create demand for more sustainable urban options," said Csaba Mezei of the CIVITAS Secretariat. "This year's Forum will focus on those trends and enable attendees to get tips from each other on what works best."

The Forum's agenda will include examples from all corners of Europe. One of the technical sessions, for example, will explore how improved information and communication can aid - and influence - a citizen's transport decisions: panel experts for this discussion come from Sweden, Macedonia and Austria.

Roundtable sessions will be designed to help participants explore and develop ideas that are essential to shaping the future evolution of CIVITAS. Eight sessions will be held on topics ranging from "urban mobility in an aging society" to road safety issues, to managing budget constraints while trying to develop and/or nurture a sustainable urban mobility system.

"Another very popular current topic in the press, among urban transport experts and even debated at the citizen level, is public bicycle rental and sharing systems. We have dedicated a roundtable discussion to explore reasons for the global explosion of the popularity of these systems," said Greg Spencer Communications/Sustainable Transport Specialist and one of the Forum Conference's Programme/Organizing Committee members. Roundtable participants will discuss this growing trend, and debate the reasons behind its popularity - despite the many challenges that municipalities face in maintaining the systems, including theft, vandalism, reliability of equipment and financial sustainability.

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Carpooling in Porto
Hybrid bus trial in Bath
27-29 September, Civitas FORUM 2010
(Malmo, Sweden) -
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