Natura 2000 is the centerpiece of the European Union nature & biodiversity policy. Is the largest network of protected areas in the world. The aim of the network is to assure the long-term survival of Europe's most valuable and threatened species and habitats.


Our services to the media

In collaboration with the European institutions, ICF Mostra offers a full support service to TV and radio journalists covering European news and issues. Our agency produces around 40 video news reports or Video News Releases (VNR's) per year.


We offer the following services:


- Distribution of video material (reports and « rushes ») in Betacam or DV-Cam

- Timely delivery of Media Alerts by e-mail informing journalists about new video reports

- Provision of background information packs with a direct link to video reports on the TVLink Europe site


The average length of our reports is 8 to 10 minutes in "broadcast" quality. Pegged to current events, these reports illustrate decisions taken at European level in a variety of areas, through real-life examples filmed in different European countries. These reports are totally free of rights and available free of charge to all journalists and interested TV channels. 


 How to use our video reports ?

  • The reports can be used as they are ("ready to use" version)
  • The reports can be adapted to all types of programmes in both format and content (news, magazines, debates)
  • The reports contain quality pictures and exclusive interviews
  • The reports cover subjects from a European perspective, with pictures and interviews filmed in several countries

The video material comprises:

  • The compiled video report, with English or French commentary (for you to choose) 
  •  The compiled video report in international version without commentary, with natural sound 
  •  A selection of rushes 
  •  Transcripts of commentaries and interviews in French or in English
  • All pictures are free of rights.